About Indonesian Neurological Association

10 - 14 September 2024 / Jakarta



Indonesian Neurological Association (INA) is a professional organization founded on August 4, 1984 in Medan and the secretariat of the central board is currently based in the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia.

INA is based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution and is guided by the Doctor’s Oath and the Indonesian Medical Code of Ethics. This organization is also a complementary body to the non-profit Indonesian Doctor Association and is the only organization of neurologists in Indonesia engaged in the fields of service, education, research, and welfare.

INA’s objectives include:

  • Contributing to enhance the health of the Indonesian people, particularly in neurological health
  • Strive towards education, scientific advancement, and technological advancement in the field of neurological health.
  • Improve members' professionalism in health-care initiatives.
  • Improve the welfare of members

In order to accomplish the goal, INA takes the following actions:

  • Engage in collaboration with educational institutions on all levels
  • Holding meetings and scientific research
  • Conducting community service
  • Publish a medical journal focusing on neuroscience
  • Establish and strengthen connections with agencies and domestic and overseas associations of specialist physicians
  • Make endeavours and other lawful efforts